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Used Construction Machinery – Auction versus Dealer oleh -

Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar Used Construction Machinery – Auction versus Dealer, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

When your fleet requires additional plant equipment, would you research used construction machinery, or would you buy at an auction? 

Both ways are popular methods of obtaining machinery, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. By using our handy guide you can learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to buying used construction machinery.

What are the benefits of buying used construction machinery from an auction?

The main benefit of buying second hand diggers at an auction is that they are considerably cheaper than a dealer. Although, depending on the type of machinery on offer, it could be a very popular choice of machine among other buyers.

When it comes to other bidders, if more than one person is bidding for the same machine, it is reassuring knowing that the product is in high demand, and that it must be of a good condition. 

If you're looking to buy older machinery, an auction is where you'll find it. There is a larger variety of plant equipment available at an auction. Most dealers will sell machines from their fleet, which may only consist of certain of brands. 

When dealing with private dealers, whether it's from a large company or a one-man band, getting a deal can be easy. It's a long way from physically having the machine in your possession, and the money has been paid though. Some dealers could back out of the deal, whereas when the hammer lands, the product is yours.

What are the disadvantages of buying from an auction?

Although auctions sound like the place to go for used construction machinery, it definitely has its fair share of disadvantages.

When machines are purchased from an auction, the buyer will not be given any time to inspect the machine. They will also not be able to check for any damage or faults. Therefore, if the buyer is unhappy with the condition of the machine, they aren't able to get their money back, as there are no refunds. 

Another disadvantage is that the used construction machinery will come with no form of warranty, or even a service. The buyer will receive the machine as it comes. It will then be down to them to pay out for a service if it is required. 

A machine could be operational when it is bought from an auction, but it could still be in a bad condition. Unfortunately, it cannot be guaranteed how much work will be needed to fix the equipment up, resulting in a costly bill for the buyer.

What are the benefits of buying from a dealer?

Purchasing used construction machinery from a dealer, such as BuyADigger will provide many benefits.

Most dealers will be able to provide a full service history for the plant equipment, or it will be fully serviced upon buying. As the equipment has been bought from new, and used within the plant fleet, the machine will generally have lower hours.

Here at BuyADigger, we sell our machines with a 3 months warranty on all major components. This will include anything from the engine, excavator arms, and even the boom cylinders. Although the construction machinery is used, it isn't just an everyday purchase. Having a warranty cover will give buyers peace of mind, knowing that any issues will be rectified without it being costly.

Machines bought from dealers are also usually in a much better condition, in comparison to an auction. Whilst the price is slightly higher to buy machinery, it will generally cost less in the long run. 

Used construction machinery - inspecting a machine

Used construction machinery

What are the disadvantages of buying from a dealer?

Price matters when it comes to buying second hand machinery, but it all depends on where you want to spend it.  As mentioned above, buying a machine from an auction will be cheaper, in comparison to a dealer, so if you're looking for a relatively cheap deal then an auction is the place to be.

At the same time, discounts can also be given here at BuyADigger. We can offer a multi-buy discount when you choose to buy more than one machine, this could bring down the cost drastically if you purchase a fleet of machinery from us.

As long as you are buying from reputable dealers, the likelihood of the deal falling through or potentially going wrong is extremely low. If the dealer is part of a digger hire business, they may need to pull the used construction machinery off the stock list in order to go ahead with a long term hire instead.

Which option should you choose?

Are you still in two minds about your options? If so, we would highly recommend buying from a dealer. When you choose BuyADigger, we can offer you plenty of photos and videos of the second hand diggers in full working order. If you would like to come and see the machine, we can accommodate this.

We list our machines on external sites including Mascus, Machinery Trader and even Autoline. You'll likely have already seen our machines if you've been doing your research.

View all of our available used construction machinery, and get in touch with the team today. Send us an email or give us a call on: 01634 779123 for a quote.

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Rabu, 12 Agustus 2020

Tracked excavators for sale – Why should you buy a Komatsu PC138? oleh -

Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar Tracked excavators for sale â€" Why should you buy a Komatsu PC138? oleh -, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

Tracked excavators are currently dominating the construction industry, and making up the largest volume of excavators on the market. We look into why this is the case, as well as look at tracked excavators for sale here at BuyADigger.

Why should you choose a Komatsu PC138 tracked excavator?

What’s so special about a Komatsu PC138 tracked excavator we hear you ask? 

With plenty of choice when it comes to construction machinery, it’s time consuming selecting a brand of machinery, let alone the size of machinery required. 

A 13 tonne excavator is commonly seen on sites, so the popular Komatsu PC138 is a very good choice! 

They are incredibly useful for:

  • Working in confined areas/spaces
  • Completing work directly on the roadside
  • Working on rough and uneven terrain, as well as climbing up steep hills safely

When it comes to selecting a suitable excavator, picking a machine too small that doesn’t have the correct functionality will prevent the job being done efficiently. Choosing a large machine could mean it isn’t the correct fit for the job at hand.As they say size doesn’t always matter, and you should also take into consideration:


Depth is a huge factor when selecting machinery to buy. Although a Komatsu PC26 can be handy, the reach on the digger arm just isn’t going to cut it. A Komatsu PC138 US-10 has a maximum reach of 5.9m making it perfect for landscaping and other larger projects.

Bucket Size

If a project requires material to be moved, companies would have a timescale in mind when they would like to have it done by. Moving a large amount of material will require large buckets and attachments to achieve this. Making sure the excavator is large enough to equip the required bucket size is another important factor to think about.

Larger tracked excavators not only offer more power and reach than standard sized machinery, they’re also fitted with hydraulic systems that will make them capable of handling larger plant attachments.

Lifting Capacity

When we think of lifting capacity, we think of the power of the machine. What we don’t realise is that an excavator needs an adequate counterweight, which acts as an anchor.

Steel Tracks or Roadliner Pads?

Here at BuyADigger we stock a range of tracked excavators for sale, including Komatsu PC138s with steel tracks and roadliner pads. What would you require? Depending on the type of project, it will depend on the type of tracks needed. Luckily, both sets of tracks are versatile, but there are advantages to using both of them.

Steel Tracks

Steel tracks are made using high quality steel. They are fitted to the excavator and work on a loop cycle when the machine moves. The benefit of using steel tracks will allow the operator to move over areas containing gravel, and other loose ground surfaces. They will also provide more traction and stability, which will be beneficial for a construction site. With every advantage comes a disadvantage which is the pricing. Steel tracks are generally more expensive to maintain and replace, although they do last up to twice the amount of time in comparison to rubber roadliner pads.

Roadliner Pads

Roadliner pads are made of rubber and bolted onto the tracks of the excavator. They are designed for protecting the machine and are incredibly durable. If you want to buy a tracked excavator for sale for landscaping or roadside work, using roadliner pads will protect the surface and stop them from being damaged. If an operator is on site for long periods of time, it makes sense to buy a tracked excavator with roadliner pads just for the increased comfort. 

Komatsu PC138US-10

Tracked excavators for sale at BuyADigger

Here at BuyADigger we have a large variety of Komatsu PC138s that vary in age, hours and track type. If you aren’t completely satisfied with a Komatsu PC138 or a larger digger, we do have some alternatives for you, including:

We know that the price will increase as the size of the excavator does, which is why a large portion of the target market are choosing to buy second hand diggers from trusted suppliers instead. 

About Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Masterhitch Europe Ltd are also part of the H.E. Group. They are leading manufacturers of bespoke attachments and buckets for construction machinery. They can also provide bespoke services such as welding, profile cutting and bucket repairs and rehangs. 

If you’re looking at tracked excavators for sale and want some digger attachments to partner with it, we can give you a quote for these and Masterhitch can create these to match your requirements.

Why should you buy a digger from us?

If you are interested in purchasing any of our tracked excavators for sale then speak to the team at BuyADigger today via email or give us a call on: 01634 779123. 

You will have peace of mind knowing that all of our used construction machinery benefit from the following:

  • They are fully serviced
  • 3 months warranty on all major parts and components
  • International Delivery is available if required
  • Low hours

If you want to keep up to date with the new machinery added to our stock list, then you can sign up to our weekly newsletter here.

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Jumat, 07 Agustus 2020

Big diggers for sale and are they better? oleh -

Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar Big diggers for sale and are they better? oleh -, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

The world of construction is constantly improving, with the help of recent technology breakthroughs such as electric diggers. This has benefited construction sites, making them safer and more efficient! This week we take a look at big diggers for sale from huge construction brands, and if bigger is always better. 


Diggers account for some of the largest machines in the world. For this reason the biggest diggers are used for landscaping, grading, and demolition. Due to the increasing demand for raw materials the need for huge machinery has grown massively. But, what are some of the biggest diggers? To answer this we have created a list of the five biggest diggers in the world.

KOMATSU PC8000  â€" 675853 KG

Komatsu PC8000 - Big Diggers for sale

Starting the list is the gigantic mining excavator built by Komatsu. The Komatsu PC8000 is the fifth largest excavator in the world. As a result, the machine is commonly used for massive mining operations. The famous Japanese construction company noted it is one of their most powerful machines. Weighing over 60 thousand kilograms we can definitely see why! 

LIEBHERR R9800 â€" 734820 KG

Following the impressive Komatsu, the fourth largest digger in the world is currently the Liebherr R9800. This monster machine was specially developed with larger scale operations in mind. Weighing up to 730 thousand kilograms this giant machine is also more economical than lighter counterparts. The Liebherr creation only consumes 15% more fuel than smaller models weighing a third of its size. Now that is efficient! 

HITACHI EX8000-6 â€" 759314 KG

In third place is the world’s largest Hitachi Digger. Weighing up to a staggering 760 thousand kilograms, this ginormous machine is used widely within the world of mining and excavation. Hitachi claims the EX8000-6 was designed to provide comfort, durability and to be easily maintainable. This machine certainly deserves a top spot on our list!

BUCYRUS RH400 â€" 889041 KG 

Riding in at second place on our list of the biggest diggers in the world is the Bucyrus RH400. This enormous machine was inspired by the Decepticon Demolishor from the well known film Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. The famous machine also has a world record for being able to scoop 890 thousand kilograms in just an hour. With all of these achievements under its belt it’s no surprise this huge machine places second on our list!

CATERPILLAR 6090 FS â€" 907185 KG

Offering the widest payload within the industry the 6090 FS manufactured by Caterpillar tops our list as the biggest digger currently produced. Caterpillar claims to design their machines with the motto “Every day matters and every load counts.” in mind. This is definitely evident with the mind boggling size, matching the weight of nine Blue Whales! The Godzilla of a machine weighs over 900,000 KG! 


The diggers in the list are perfect for bigger than life projects, however, they may be too large for purpose, and everyday jobs. Fortunately, we offer a variety of excavators and other used construction machinery. With an extensive range of big diggers for sale you can be assured that we have the right plant equipment for you. If you’re looking for big diggers for sale, but not to the same extent as the ones mentioned above, here at BuyADigger we have a small handful of large tracked excavators for sale.

LIUGONG 922E- 22,800 KG

China based company LiuGong is a growing competitor in the construction industry, but why choose a 922E model? This powerful machine offers the perfect balance of efficiency, versatility and precise control. This model offers an enhanced power output, faster cycle times and an improved breakout force in comparison to similar models. 

KOMATSU PC360 LC-10 â€" 36,550 KG

Komatsu PC360LC-10

Komatsu featured on our biggest diggers in the world list ranking at number 5. This specific model may not be as gigantic as the PC8000 but it’s much more practical for your digging needs. The PC360 is a tracked excavator, therefore it is perfect for jobs ranging from landscaping, site preparation and trenching. If you buy a Komatsu you will benefit from the latest hydraulic system which results in increased productivity and control. 

KOMATSU PC490 LC-10- 48,400 KG

When it comes to size the PC490 is one of our largest on our fleet, it is also one of our most versatile. Unexpected right? The machine can tackle all of your digging needs with 6 unique modes. This amazing machine is well known for being prompt, precise and extremely powerful. Furthermore, it runs with an economical Komatsu EU Stage V engine which provides more fuel efficiency. 


We have a range of big diggers for sale on the BuyADigger website and we can deliver internationally to countries around the world. If you are interested in viewing our amazing range of diggers why not visit our sister company Diggerland? The construction related theme park offers customers a chance to drive a selection of diggers, dumpers and exhilarating attractions. If you have an interest in big diggers for sale the popular theme park has unique experiences such as the Monster Digger experience. This unique experience puts you in control of a gigantic Komatsu PC210 which weighs 20,000 kg! 

If you buy used construction machinery from us, you will also benefit from the following:


The H.E. Group operated using a 3 year policy. Once machines reach this age, new machines are purchased for Diggerland and H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. Therefore, guaranteeing our customers the best quality plant equipment.


When we receive the used construction machinery from our sister companies, we will check the machine over for any damage, scratches and dents etc. The machinery will then be restored to new, using our in house workshop.


All of the machinery for sale will be fully serviced before it is sold onto customers.


For all of our customers buying used plant, we will offer a 3 months warranty on all major components. You’ll leave with peace of mind knowing you have a machine that is of the highest quality.

Contact the team now and call us for a quote on: +44 (0)1634 779123 or email us today.

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Looking to buy a mini digger? oleh -

Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar Looking to buy a mini digger? oleh -, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

Mini, Midi, Tracked or Wheeled, which would you pick? With so much variety on the market when it comes to used diggers for sale, it can be hard to choose. This week we focus on mini diggers and the benefits that they have to offer. If you’re looking to buy a mini digger then find out how BuyADigger can help you.


JCB Mini Digger

Mini diggers are often used by construction operators, landscapers and anyone looking to do some DIY. They are given the name of ‘mini’ as their operating weights tend to fall between 1 and 5 tonnes. Do not be fooled by the size of the machine, as size definitely does not matter in this case. If you buy a mini digger, you’ll be purchasing an extremely versatile machine.

Mini diggers, also referred to as compact machinery, are extremely in demand by users in the construction world. Due to the additional benefits they can offer in comparison to larger diggers, most companies will always have at least one mini digger on their fleet. Known for their efficiency, mini diggers have been designed small, but they will have a huge impact on earthmoving, landscaping and general construction projects.

Although mini diggers are a common machine in the industry, they are relatively new to the market. In 1968, Yanmar invented the first wheeled mini excavator. The invention of a smaller machine met the needs of many individuals within the industry. 


A mini digger can be used for a multitude of tasks. However, they are regularly used on sites that have restrictive space and tight areas to manoeuvre and operate in. For example, if roadside work was necessary it wouldn’t be suitable to use a large excavator.

Mini diggers could also be used for the following types of work:

  • Digging and backfilling reasonable sized holes
  • Removing tree stumps
  • Landscaping
  • Digging trenches


These particular sized machines are perfect for small start up companies or individuals looking to complete the odd job. Why else should you opt to buy a mini digger?


Mini diggers are proven to be very cost efficient. Due to the size of the machines, replacement parts and servicing will definitely save you some money in comparison to a larger excavator.


If you buy a mini digger, you will have peace of mind knowing that they will only emit low noise levels. Using a smaller machine will also mean less damage is made to the working area.


As mentioned previously, mini diggers are more compact allowing the operator to move the digger around the site, and through any small access points such as gates, alleys or doorways.


All excavators have the ability to grade and level the ground surface without the need for additional plant equipment, because of the size of a mini digger it is a lot easier to handle when doing so.

So the next question is which mini digger is best?


You know everything you need to know about why you should buy a mini digger, but which brand do you buy?

Touching on a few popular manufacturing companies, we take a look at one of the most innovative mini digger for sale from JCB. 


As the environment is drastically changing, JCB have recently introduced the first fully electric mini excavator, the JCB 19C-1E. Like other mini diggers, it is capable of carrying out the same tasks, and the battery will allow you to work for a full day on a single charge. Even charging up will only take a couple of hours, which can be done on site via a generator.

If you’re looking to buy electric diggers for your plant fleet, JCB is the brand.

Another popular brand of construction machinery is Hitachi.


With a max dig depth of 8 ft 6 inches, the Hitachi ZX26U-5 won’t leave you feeling like you need a large machine to complete the job. Although this particular model is one of the smallest Hitachi machines available, it will provide a powerful performance, and allow you to access any restricted areas on sites.


Komatsu PC55 MR-3 - K00158_1

Here at BuyADigger we have the following mini diggers for sale:

We believe that Komatsu machines are one of the best mini digger brands to buy. We choose to stock this brand in particular as Komatsu are one of the leading manufacturers of construction equipment, and provide high quality machinery. If you choose to buy a Komatsu digger you can fulfil any construction, agricultural or landscaping requirements. 


H.E SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the hire division of H.E. Group. If you’re looking to hire before you buy a mini digger, then contact the sales team today. With 10 UK based depots, you won’t be far away from a depot stocking a range of mini diggers. 

The plant fleet operate on a 3 year policy, whereby machines are replaced every 3 years to ensure the highest standard of quality for their customers. Once new machines are purchased, the used construction machinery is passed onto the sales team at BuyADigger to resell to the UK and overseas.

If you choose to hire from H.E. SERVICES before you buy a mini digger, you will benefit from:

  • The latest models and technology
  • 24 hour service and a quick response and turnover time
  • The machines will have full documentation, and will also include any maintenance and services needed


Dirt Diggers - Diggerland attraction

If you want to buy a mini digger we would highly recommend buying ex-Diggerland machines. Diggerland Theme Park are part of the H.E. Group, so here at BuyADigger we have the pleasure of also selling on their used construction machinery.

The machines are purchased from new, and then specially adapted by our sister company Masterhitch to ensure they are user-friendly for children and adults. 

With 20 different rides and drives within each park, the use of mini diggers are quite frequent. Buried Treasure, Skittles and Dippy Ducks all feature Komatsu PC14 R-HS machines. Komatsu PC26 MR-3 machines are also used for the Dirt diggers attraction.

If you want to buy a mini digger from Diggerland, you will benefit from:

  • A machine that has low hours
  • Machines that are in excellent condition
  • A fully serviced machine, that has never been used on a construction site, as they are purchased purely for children to operate


Here at BuyADigger we work directly with our sister company Masterhitch Europe Ltd. Should the requirement for additional buckets and attachments arise, Masterhitch can make any plant accessories to meet our customers specifications.

If you’re looking for any bespoke attachments to further develop your mini digger then contact the team today. Their skilled engineers can provide assistance with any queries and questions. 

If you’ve browsed through our list of used digger equipment and want to know more about a specific machine, contact us today. Our team of specialists can assist with any extra photos, videos or specifications that you may need.

Customers can email us or call us on: 01634 779123. We are also available on WhatsApp.

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Latest Government announcement – Using plant equipment for new build houses oleh -

Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar Latest Government announcement â€" Using plant equipment for new build houses oleh -, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

Monday 23rd March marks the day that everything around the UK including construction, came crashing to a halt due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Only recently have most companies began operating again, and construction is once again underway, with some exciting new plans. What are these plans we hear you ask?


Boris Johnson revealed the latest government announcement to kick start the economy in terms of housing. It was revealed that a 12 billion pound affordable home scheme would be introduced, which would aim to support up to 180,000 new build homes. 

A new regulation has also been changed to allow buildings and land located in and around town centres, to be built on and improved without the need for planning permission. As we hear of Bella Italia, Cafe Rouge, Debenhams and other high street stores that have unfortunately had to close some branches permanently, these buildings will not be going to waste. Instead of seeing numerous empty buildings, where businesses once operated, new homes will be built on the old premises in a bid to build easier and better homes and other services for local residents.

Along with an affordable scheme, small building companies will be given extra funding for housing developments equating to 450 million pounds.

It’s not just first-time buyers that will be benefiting from the latest announcement. Schools have been given a one billion pound fund for repairs and any required upgrades. 

For all the green fingers out there, it won’t just be building after building, the government has vowed to plant 30,000 hectares of trees for the environment. That’s going to require a lot of landscapers and machinery!


Affordable houses and flats will be built around the UK. These properties will be no different to standard housing other than the 30% discount that will be applied to them for the benefit of first-time buyers.

The advantage of the affordable housing scheme means that when the house is then resold on, the next buyer will gain the 30% discount as well. Therefore, housing should become more affordable for first-time buyers and following buyers for years to come.

For construction companies involved in the process of building these new homes, they will find the need for an increase of plant equipment on their fleet. Most companies will not have available diggers and construction machinery readily available, which is where we come in handy.


Here at BuyADigger, we have a range of plant equipment available to purchase. From excavators to dumper trucks, we will have construction equipment to suit the needs of the construction companies.


We have a range of Komatsu mini diggers for sale, that would be ideal for a construction site. Mini diggers are extremely in demand due to their versatility and size. They are great for removing tree stumps, landscaping projects and digging trenches along with a multitude of other uses. The following Komatsu mini and midi diggers are available to buy:


Choose from tracked excavators fitted with steel tracks or roadliner pads when you buy plant equipment from us.

Tracked excavators would be a perfect addition to any construction site, especially when it comes to housing. Before any foundations have been laid, the ground can be uneven and harsh, a tracked excavator will undergo any work with ease.

Whether you want to opt for steel tracks, that will allow the operator to gain more traction to the surface, or roadliner pads that will guarantee the comfort of the operator, we have the machine for you.

Our customers have the choice of:


Telehandlers are another advantageous type of plant equipment to have on a housing site. With the endless list of tasks that can be completed with a telehandler, you could save yourself time and money.

Here at BuyADigger, we stock two big brands offering Telehandlers, JCB & Manitou, both in various sizes:



Telehandlers are handy for quickly moving pallets, concrete, packaged goods and even timber. With the right attachments a telehandler could be used for other uses.


We work very closely with our sister company Masterhitch Europe Ltd, who are also part of H.E. Group.

They bespoke manufacture high quality digger attachments and buckets to fit all types of machinery. Additionally, Masterhitch can also offer their own quick hitches, Brokk attachment and ram guard replacements for plant equipment.

If you’re looking for any bespoke attachments to further develop your plant equipment on a construction site then Masterhitch will create something to assist with any construction project.


Buying second hand plant equipment shouldn’t be complex, so here at BuyADigger we make the process simple.

All of our construction machinery benefits from the following:

  • Low hours
  • One previous Owner
  • Excellent condition
  • Delivery available upon request
  • 3 months warranty on all major components

If you’re looking to expand your fleet in line with the latest government announcement, contact a member of the team today via email or WhatsApp for a quote.

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Minggu, 26 Juli 2020

Telehandlers: JCB vs Manitou oleh -

Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar Telehandlers: JCB vs Manitou oleh -, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

Telehandlers are an important piece of construction machinery. They can be found operating on most construction sites all over the world. Many different plant manufacturers have developed telehandlers. JCB, Manitou, and Caterpillar are just a few examples. Each company has taken a different approach to their design. As such, some manufacturers’ models are better suited to tasks that others would not be. We’ll cover two of our brands of telehandlers for sale, and help you decide which one is right for your project.


The word ‘telehandler’ is short for ‘telescopic handler’, and describes the extendable boom on the machine that tools attach to. Telehandlers are versatile lifting machines. They are capable of transporting heavy loads across a construction site. Their telescopic arm allows them to move heavy objects from the ground, to a higher location which forklifts may not be able to reach. Common materials moved in this way include:

  • Pallets
  • Concrete
  • Packaged goods
  • Timber

Most modern telehandlers are capable of using different attachments to better cater to different lifting tasks. These attachments can be swapped out with ease thanks to quick hitches. A quick hitch will allow multiple types of attachments to be used without the need for proprietary adaptors. Crane jib attachments transform the telehandler into more of a traditional top-lifting crane to transport heavy objects around a site. Bucket attachments allow loose material such as sand and dirt to be moved with ease and transferred to dumpers, silos, or wherever else they need to be. The adaptability of telehandlers is what makes them an invaluable machine for companies, but obviously there are pros and cons to each individual brand.


JCB have a reputation for providing quality products to customers all over the world, and have been in the plant business since 1945. In 1977, after plenty of success with tippers and other construction machinery, they started working on telehandlers. The JCB Loadall range is one of the most extensive in the world. They manufacture telehandlers for sale in agricultural and construction markets. They are renowned for their strength and sturdiness due to their single piece boom design. Specifically, JCB machines are able to reach high torque levels at low revs. They can produce as much as 440Nm of torque produced at speeds as low as 1300rpm. They also produce excellent cab interiors with backlit switches, an easily adjustable telescopic steering column, and single lever controls. This can reduce operator fatigue by up to 8%. We have a range of JCB telehandlers for sale. Click here to browse the range.


Manitou have been designing lifting equipment since 1957. They entered the telehandler market in 1981 with their Maniscopic range, and have been designing telehandlers ever since. Manitou have a wide selection of telehandlers for sale. They have compact handlers such as the MT 420 which can reach out to 2.5m and carry up to 2000kg, and larger telehandlers for bigger loads. Their biggest vehicle the MHT 14350 which can reach to 8.5m and carry up to 35000kg! Manitou solely design telehandlers and loading machines as opposed to other construction machinery such as backhoe loaders or dumpers. This means they can focus their energy on perfecting that design and improving the strength and versatility of their range. Customers are spoilt for choice with the variety of telehandlers that Manitou offer. There are handlers for construction and agricultural purposes, and multiple steering options including four wheel, and crab steering.


At BuyADigger, we stock both Manitou and JCB telehandlers that were originally purchased  for our sister companies H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland Theme Park. We currently have a great selection of telehandlers for sale, including:



As well as telehandlers, we also carry a stock of other construction machinery such as: excavators, dumpers, and rollers. All of our machines are available for international delivery, and come with a three month warranty on all major parts. Visit our website to find out more about the machines we stock.


H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd is our sister company that provides plant equipment to construction contractors nationwide. If renting a telehandler is more cost effective for you than buying one, we suggest you pay them a visit. They have depots all over the country, so you’re never too far away. Every three years, the machines are replaced, and then transferred to BuyADigger to be sold second hand. Hiring from H.E. SERVICES comes with plenty of benefits, including:

  • 24 hour service and a quick response and turnover time 
  • The latest models and technology
  • Full documentation for the machine, including service history and requirements

Visit their website to learn more, or click here to book a hire.

ABOUT DIGGERLANDDiggerland Adventure Theme Park Logo

Most of our used machinery comes from Diggerland Theme Park. The theme park contains 20 different rides and drives for children and parents to experience real diggers and dumpers. A couple of the rides at Diggerland also make use of telehandlers. Skyshuttle and Groundshuttle both use telehandlers with special attachments made to carry guests safely and comfortably. We have many telehandlers for sale that have come from Diggerland parks and buying a machine used by Diggerland means you can expect:

  • A machine with low hours
  • A machine that has never been used on a real construction site.
  • A fully serviced machine in excellent condition

Click here to find out all about the rides and drives offered at the four Diggerland parks.

For a quote, call our team today on +44 1634 779123, or email

Alternatively, feel free to message us on WhatsApp at +44 7712 323192.

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Jumat, 24 Juli 2020

Top Tips for using your Construction Machinery in the Winter oleh -

Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar Top Tips for using your Construction Machinery in the Winter oleh -, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

It’s almost that time of year again when the UK halts to a stop, and it seems as though winter impacts everything. Unlike most types of vehicles in the UK, when the wintery weather hits, construction machinery keeps on working. If you’re new to the construction industry, or you’re simply looking for advice to get through the snowy weather then keep on reading to find out how to best use your plant equipment.

Cold weather can put a stop to a lot of industries, especially travel and vehicle companies due to the dangerous conditions. The construction industry is an exception in many ways, but this will entirely depend on the scale of work and the location of the building site. Here at BuyADigger, we want to share with you our 5 top tips to operating construction machinery safely in the winter.


Construction machinery can be affected in the winter, and the biggest factor by far is the cold conditions. It won’t stop the machinery working but can cause major problems to various parts of the equipment. In countries with low temperatures, it could cause an increase in the number of machines breaking down, which in turn could lead to becoming a dangerous safety hazard. It will also decrease the efficiency of the construction machinery.


Digger in the snow

We urge any workers to be careful when starting up their plant equipment. If they are second hand diggers, they may take longer due to the age of the machine. The cold weather will delay the time it takes to start it up properly. It could also mean the machinery will need to be jump started if it is idle for a long period of time.

If any plant equipment needing a jump start is done improperly, it can lead to a damaged electrical system, and leaving the operator with an expensive fix!

On the other hand, should you have a fleet of electric diggers, charging the batteries in a cold climate may even trigger them to explode.


Once the construction machinery has been started up, we would recommend leaving the machine to warm up before using it. If an operator were to use a machine that has been started up from cold, it will put an immense amount of pressure on vital components of the digger. 

If this happens, then we have got you covered. We work very closely with our sister company Masterhitch Europe Ltd They are leaders in the design and creation of digger attachments, buckets and any bespoke repairs.



Construction machinery in the snow

When the machinery is working as it should be, the operator will need to ensure it is safely driven around. This may seem incredibly obvious to any worker but it’s surprising how many operators forget this!

When the temperature drops the ground can become frozen and very icy. If it is possible, a wheeled digger or backhoe loader would be the best choice. These machines will eliminate the issue to a great extent, due to the increased traction of the wheels, therefore making manoeuvering easier. 

In the unlucky case that you find your construction machinery stranded, and struggling to grip to the terrain, our sister company H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are here to help. On their plant fleet they have a range of snow ploughs, and snow related attachments to assist you. 


It is very important to ensure the windows are kept clean and clear of any frost or condensation. A construction site can be a dangerous place is safety hazards are not dealt with correctly, so why increase the chance of an accident happening?

Blind spots are a common issue already, especially in heavy construction machinery. It is essential to clear the windows in the cab to reduce the risk of accidents. It is also a great time to carry out maintenance on your machinery to establish if there are any components working incorrectly, for example the defroster.


The last safety tip we would like to highlight is the correct use of personal protective equipment. Making sure gloves are worn by all construction workers in the winter is a must. The surface of any machinery can get very cold, and will affect your hands if it is touched with bare hands.


H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the hire department for the H.E. Group. With 10 depots strategically placed around the UK, you’ll never be far away from quality customer service and excellent machinery for hire.

The plant fleet has a large range of various construction machinery from the biggest brands including JCB, Manitou, Ammann, Komatsu, Bomag, Terex and Thwaites. 

All of the construction machinery for hire is purchased from new every three years on average, to replace older machines. We then resell the machines once any damages and re-sprays have been carried out. 


Masterhitch produce high quality, long-lasting digger attachments and buckets for all types of construction machinery and heavy plant equipment. They undertake various external projects for customers, but a large quantity of their workload involves producing plant accessories for our customers here at BuyADigger, as well as assisting H.E. SERVICES customers.

Masterhitch can also offer bespoke services including bucket repairs, ram guard replacements, profile cutting and steel fabrication. With a highly skilled workforce, the Masterhitch team are more than happy to provide you with advice and a quote for your required work.


Here at BuyADigger, we provide the global market with a huge range of used construction machinery and second hand diggers including:

All of our plant equipment in stock are in excellent condition, are fully serviced, come with a 3 months warranty on all major components and if any additional digger buckets and attachments required can also be included at an extra cost.

We welcome all of our customers to come and visit us at Head Office to view the machinery in person, if this is possible. Otherwise our team are more than happy to send over any additional photos, videos and specifications for any of our used construction machinery.

For a quote on any of our used construction machinery contact us today:

Email us on: or call us on: +44 (0) 1634 779123

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Minggu, 19 Juli 2020